Communication Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help you communicate the work and messages of your local Pop-up Hub to parents, the public, and the media. It

provides guidance, tools and designed materials to help you work with parents and families to support the language and communication development of their children, and prepare them to start school. This includes the principles behind the work, the key messages to use with parents, posters and leaflets designed in collaboration with publishers, and guidance on how to plan successful events.

HELLO in the Black Country

The National Literacy Trust’s Helping Early Language and Literacy Outcomes (HELLO) framework is a quality improvement tool for early years settings who want to improve their communication, language and literacy provision.

Hello case study

How will our children’s communication, language and Literacy bloom and grow through children and parents/carers taking part in the Hello programme at Little Village Nursery Created by: Mrs Wendy Binder

Hello case study

Encouraging Literacy within the Home Environment at Tip Top Day Nursery. Created by: Jade Doughty of Tip Top Day Nursery

Hello case study

Partnership with Parents. Created by: Lukbinder Kaur Moorlands Little Learners Pre-school

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